What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling is a collaborative working method based on technologies and processes. The association of information to a virtual 3D model is the backbone of BIM, but it is the ability to interact with that information that makes this method of fundamental importance for the construction sector. The analysis of the data coming from the model in the various phases - design, construction and maintenance - allows a totally holistic management of the building.

The BIM obligation

Thanks to the systemic approach, BIM allows a careful and precise analysis of times, costs, geometries, guaranteeing greater control. For these reasons, many governments around the world have decided to make BIM mandatory. In Italy, Ministerial Decree 560 of 2017 established the methods and times for the gradual introduction of electronic modeling methods and tools for construction and infrastructure. Contracting authorities must therefore be equipped with plans for introducing BIM and economic operators must be able to respond to information management needs by entering innovative digital collaboration processes.
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Our BIM Approach

For Adhox BIM is not just technology, but a method that allows you to work in a collaborative
context, therefore we are convinced that implementing BIM in a company or in a job order means
analyzing the context, verifying people's skills and helping the team to grow and work together.
Ours is a holistic approach that provides for a profound change but centered on the real needs of people. `` Evolution, not revolution '' is the principle that inspires our business.
Your future is the central theme.

ADHOX is able to support you in the change: discover the advantages of our path

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