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With our BIM services we help clients continuously overcome critical issues, quickly and at scale, to allow them to outperform the competition.

Through its many dimensions, BIM is expanding the ways of designing, building and maintaining an asset.
Thanks to the sector specific experience in dozens of BIM projects, cutting-edge technologies and a multidisciplinary team, we provide customers with a vast set of capabilities that can be adapted to the most complex business needs.

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BIM Services: the advantages of the BIM method

An involvement of all the actors in the process, for an efficient management of the whole work.

The main advantage of the BIM method lies in the constant involvement of all the professionals employed in the production process. This strategy therefore allows to obtain a final result which is the product of an efficient management of the entire work.
By adopting BIM at an advanced level, design studios can optimize their professional choices, minimizing error and eliminating interference that generally ends up increasing costs and extending execution times on site.
Companies are able to manage order planning and cost monitoring during the construction phase more efficiently. Not surprisingly, by simulating the progress of the work, it is possible to simulate the logistics of the construction site, also allowing the possibility of reducing costs and preventing waste.

BIM Management

Rely on our team of BIM managers with multidisciplinary skills enabled by powerful assets, platforms and partnerships, to immediately adopt BIM within a contract, construction site or asset management.
Project management

We support the work teams in BIM management of the construction site or project.

Construction site management

Our BIM managers will guide you in the management of construction sites, from logistics to development

Facility and Property Management

Supporting the real estate landscape in the BIM transition phase, managing data census, personal data and information modeling

Legal BIM & Contracts

We provide a team of lawyers who are experts in the UNI 11337 Regulation and in the BIM 560/2017 Decree to support the management and review of contracts, for the management of tenders and services for public administrations.
Informative Specifications

We support the drafting and training for the development of the Information Specifications

Offer and Information Management Plan

We develop BIM technical documentation and operating standards according to the customer's needs

Legal BIM & Contracts Support

With our team of expert lawyers, we support clients in the review of contracts and tenders


Technology is the enabling tool of Digitalization. For years, through our partners, we have supported and provided training for the most famous BIM Authoring Software Revit, Archicad or Tekla. We manage and choose CDE as BIM 360, BIMx for your organization.
Software Training

We are experts in the use and training of the most common Authoring and Checking BIM Software such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks or Solibri

CDE Management

We help you choose, set up and maintain your shared AcDat / CDE data environment

Computational Design

We develop algorithms and train the technical departments to use Visual Programming to facilitate the adoption of the most appropriate coding for the implementation of BIM

Product and Industry 4.0

We don't stop at BIM! ADHOX has been working for years in the world of products and prefabrication by implementing new digital processes and within the 4.0 BIM industry.

We collaborate with various manufacturing industries that have implemented BIM for 3D virtualization at the sales level, for the development of BOQ and to create a very of detailed BOMs, reducing production times and costs.

BIM to Industry 4.0

We have accumulated years of experience connecting BIM and PLM in the industrial world.

Product Virtualization

We develop the digital library of products and prefabricated products for commercial or productive publications.

VR/AR Application

We exploit the potential of BIM VR - Virtual and Augmented Reality to help companies improve their business proposition.

BIM Projects

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