System Integration

Technology is everywhere. The change related to Digital Transformation requires in-depth knowledge of software, tools and programming languages.

We are System Integrators, we use the most common coding languages and Business Intelligence models in order to integrate systems based on multiple technologies to release the data potential.

Thanks to industry experience, cutting-edge technologies - provided by our ecosystem partners and startups - we provide customers with a vast set of capabilities that can be adapted to the most complex business needs, to allow them to outperform the competition.

Join us on this path for innovation.

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BIM Software Development

Making processes and operations faster is essential to remain competitive in the market, ADHOX through an agile approach is able to support its customers in the development of new applications.

We develop customized BIM Oriented Software and Plug-ins in order to improve workflows, promote collaboration and data analysis, with the aim of improving the user experience for our customers.

We specialize in the development of a variety of applications ranging from the visualization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) models to the integration of these to existing systems and applications. We create Dashboards for data control, up to the use of innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Adhox BIM viewer

Thanks to the experience accumulated in the development of BIM platforms, we have developed through the use of Autodesk Forge a BIM viewer that allows Software Houses, architects and engineers to integrate the potential of BIM models and the data contained in them in a simple and rapid way.

The potential of the BIM viewer:

Integrable and scalable. Easily integrated with Document Software (DMS), ERP and Facility Management applications.
Web-based. Upload and view BIM models with extreme ease directly in the Cloud without using desktop applications.
IFC. Manage models in IFC format and 40 other proprietary formats.
BIM & CAD. The viewer integrates the management of BIM models and 2D CAD drawings.

download plugin bim

BIM plug-in development: speed up your operations

ADHOX is able to develop ad-hoc BIM plug-ins for the customer in order to increase productivity related to BIM Authoring, BIM Checking and Facility Management Software.

After a careful study of the processes, we develop additional software tools and databases capable of integrating multiple applications for better interaction, in order to develop and speed up processes and information exchange.

Autodesk Revit Plug-in
Dynamo Python Script
Autodesk Inventor Ilogic Automation

Dashboards: data control

Data control is critical to generating value from an organization's actionable information.

Our goal is to enhance the data for our customers, creating interactive dashboards through Business Intelligence, allowing you to customize the information displayed and share the results of the analyzes with others in order to improve business choices.

BIM Business Intelligence, for the visualization and analysis of the data contained in the BIM models.
Big Data, for processing large amounts of heterogeneous data.
Real Time Analytics, for real-time control of business returns.
Iot - Internet of things, to analyze and control data from sensors and devices.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: broaden the horizons of perception

We help companies to expand their Customer Experience through the use of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. These innovative technologies allow architects, designers and manufacturing companies to make projects or products appreciated in a totally innovative way, increasing the experience for their customers.

ADHOX, believing in innovation and the use of new technologies, has been able to develop VR and AR applications for years to enhance the perception of its customers' products and services.

BIM VR - We increase the experience by transporting the user to the BIM project, within a digital interactive environment.
Virtual Tours - To improve sales in real estate we develop photorealistic virtual tours bringing the customer to his future home.
VR Training - In the educational field we use virtual reality to improve training performance.

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