We plan goals, we speed up the adoption

Goal planning is the foundation for any successful change. We are ready to help companies in the digital transformation.

At the heart of change lies an opportunity. Regardless of the type of organization, our team made of BIM Managers, Legal Consultants, IT and Innovation Managers help clients adopt the value strategy in order to increase performance. We offer a holistic perspective and ensure an easy BIM transition for your organization

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Services designed to develop a valuable strategy

Digital Strategy Design

We help the managers of the organization to design the strategy towards digital innovation

BIM implementation

We transform the way the sector works through the principles of the BIM methodology

Change Management

We develop change strategies to encourage the human capital involved.
Our value is precisely that of working at 360 ° in the organization and not only with regard to BIM

People Research

We support growth by selecting and introducing BIM professionals such as BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Specialists into the company

ADHOX method developed to increase performance

The ADHOX method, conceived after years of experience in the field, was created with a view to improving corporate BIM performance by speeding up adoption, reducing unnecessary costs, taking care of all business functions.

We apply principles, methods and techniques suitable for the development of digital projects by introducing Digital Transformation and BIM - Building Information Modeling according to concrete objectives, mixing awareness, learning and results.

We present you our method

Knowing how to use Software to perfection, knowing the Regulations and University Didactics may not be enough to keep up with the market. What really matters is the system. The process in which ideas, resources and skills converge to generate great results. We call it method.

The ADHOX Method consists of 6 steps:


Assessment & Digital Maturity

We evaluate the business model of an organization at present through the BIM Business Model Canvas, analyzing processes and technology, and the Digital Maturity of people.



We define the action plan aimed at implementing corporate performance by detailing the company's objectives in Digital Transformation, the times and methods to achieve them.


BIM training

In the BIM training phase, the culture of Building Information Modeling and the study of associated regulations are introduced. The technical department is also trained in the use of the chosen BIM Software.


Pilot BIM project

Use of BIM on a typical job to ``ground`` the concepts introduced during the training, implementing the new application tools and laying the foundations of the BIM project.



In this phase, BIM will be implemented gradually and horizontally to all contract activities, technically supporting and giving direction to the new organizational and technical BIM process dictated by the paradigm change.



We measure progress, test the new skills acquired, identify the changes and results obtained from the BIM strategy in terms of money and time.

Are you ready to invest in the future?

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